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Pregnancy and Post-Natal


Supporting your journey through pregnancy and
post-natal recovery

Pregnancy is a special time in your life. Nurturing your body and taking care of your health gives you the best chance of a healthy and happy pregnancy. However, unfortunately it’s not always the pregnancy dream for all mothers to be.

Some women can have just one simple issue, like mild nausea or back pain, while others can be suffer from uncomfortable fluid retention, morning sickness, headaches, varicose veins and high blood pressure. Our main goal is to support you during your pregnancy and we can offer you emotional support to help with any stress you might be experiencing. Our role is to make sure you feel cared for and listened to throughout this important time.

Staying healthy in pregnancy

Looking after yourself and your growing baby may include:
– eating lots of nutrient dense foods
– eating at regular intervals throughout the day to maintain blood sugar levels
– getting enough rest and sleep
– staying adequately hydrated
– moderate exercise to keep you active and strong
– managing stress
– seeking the support you need through fitness instructors and medical practitioners trained to support pregnant women

During pregnancy the most commonly stressful times are in the first trimester as you eagerly await your 12 week scan and towards the end as you are gearing up to give birth. We understand that there can be many physiological and psychological circumstances that may place more pressure on the mum-to-be during pregnancy. So for these reasons, we suggest weekly to fortnightly appointments in the first 12 weeks and weekly appointments from 35 weeks gestation to provide support, guidance and helpful strategies to have you feeling calm and empowered throughout your pregnancy journey.

Post-natal Care

The arrival of your new baby is an exciting time but can also be exhausting and a very overwhelming. Particularly if you are a first time parent or if you have a little one at home already keeping you busy.

Challenges many women face is fatigue and not sleeping well; even when they do get the chance to catch up on sleep. Common issues that can arise in those following months after the birth can be with breastfeeding, too much milk supply or too little, mastitis, baby being unsettled, painful or numb caesarean scar, mum feeling a bit flat as her expectations of motherhood don’t quite match her situation, lack of family support, feeling run down and catching colds more easily.

We provide space for women to come in feel supported and have some ‘me time’.

If you are unsure as to whether you think Chinese Medicine can help please contact us or book in for an initial assessment at the clinic.

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