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Trying to conceive? Or planning to in the near future?

If you have been trying to conceive for 6-12 months without success it’s understandable you might be questioning why it is not happening? You may have had some investigations and tests and found a reason why or maybe not.

We work with couples wanting to improve their pre-conception health, are already trying to conceive naturally and those undergoing IVF treatment. Regardless of which of stage you’re in, we work with you as you prepare physically and emotionally for pregnancy.

We work with women to help you understand your cycle and understand when the optimal window is for trying and we encourage those that are not having a regular period or issues with their cycle to get the appropriate investigations done to rule out any possible underlying issues such as blocked fallopian tubes or endometriosis that could be holding up their chances of conceiving. We also work with men to help them understand possible causes or lifestyle choices that may be negatively impacting the quality of their sperm and strongly encourage them to get tested early on in the process so that any issues can be addressed sooner to as not to further delay the pre-conception period.

We discuss further testing that may be helpful to rule out or uncover something missing, nutritional advice, appropriate supplements and other lifestyle factors such as exercise, getting enough sleep, maintaining the right weight and reducing stress.

Going through IVF?

You may be well into your IVF journey or just about to start. It can be stressful and overwhelming with all the bloods tests, scans, medications, appointments and schedules. We work with you and couples in whatever stage you’re at during this process and we encourage regular acupuncture treatments throughout the process. We take into account your medical diagnosis from your fertility specialist and then we access your health from a Chinese Medicine framework. In each appointment we take into account which stage of the IVF process you’re at, any symptoms you have on the day and give you acupuncture to reduce stress, relax and find a sense of balance.

Regardless of whether you are trying naturally or with the help of IVF…It takes two to tango.

We strongly encourage that couples are in this together, as a team, supporting each other, de-stressing and improving their overall health in the process.

About Us

Our philosophy is based on combined holistic and evidence based treatments to support you and your ability to heal. We focus on restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in the body. We want you to walk out of the clinic feeling better than when you walked in.

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